Friday, February 13, 2015

What does it mean to 'be at home'? When you're welcomed into a friend's home and greeted with the invitation to make yourself at home, you feel at ease, right? Make yourself at home. I take a deep breath just hearing those words in my head.

I love my home, love the peace of home. And I love coming home, be it home from a long trip or just home from a long day, I love that feeling of walking in the door and being greeted by familiarity. I don't have to process anything new, I can just be and let the events of the day melt away like a popsicle sliding down its stick on a hot afternoon. The stress melts down my arm, drips onto the floor, leaving a trail at my feet.

Home is more than just a place to keep my stuff,  it's where I come to relax, to regenerate. It's where I create memories. My home nurtures my spirit and my relationships. It's where I create space for things that are important to me. It's where I cook and garden, it's where I write, gather with friends. My home is the backdrop for living.

Last Saturday during yoga, we set an intention to 'be at home' in our bodies. What a lovely concept, being at home in our bodies. Since then, I've tried to imagine what that means, and what it might look like to wake up every morning and invite my soul into my body, to immediately feel at home with the familiarity, to know this is a place to be at ease. I imagine an awareness of muscles tight from yesterday's work, and without being critical, just making a note - like noticing the towels need to be folded, or the grass needs to be cut. Yes, familiar, not critical, at home.

It's easy to be critical of our bodies, but at its core, our body is home to our soul. More a home than our house with its shingles and shutters, our body is our vehicle for life, allowing us to move through our days, nurturing our spirit, connecting with one another in this physical plane, and giving us this experience of life.

Be at home in your body. Give yourself permission to come in and relax. Every morning, warmly welcome your soul. Stretch and yawn and breath in this wonderful existence. Experience every lovely moment of your life in these beautiful bodies we call 'home'.

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